Innovation by tradition

Dr. Heinrich Schneider Messtechnik GmbH has been a successful player in domestic and international markets for more than sixty years. The company today ranks among the world’s leading suppliers of ultra-precise optical and multi-sensor measuring instruments, and with good reason: Regardless of the industry in which their customers operate, investment security, efficiency and precision are key to their success. Keeping this precious key in shape is their constant commitment, and they embrace this challenge with a keen sense of responsibility, meticulous accuracy and strong innovative power.

Over the course of many decades, they have developed an immeasurable wealth of know-how and expertise – for the direct and immediate benefit of our customers. Ongoing customer dialogue has helped to optimise the range of products and services in line with ever-changing market demands: Permanent progress propelled by above-average quality standards ensures top-notch products designed to serve discerning customers – and thus provides solutions that are both economically and practically viable.